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Photoaging is the ageing of the skin following due to prolonged sun exposure.

It is now known that skin ageing is determined by two orders of causal elements:

  1. intrinsic, natural factors related to the processes of general somatic ageing, affecting all the organs and tissues and the entire population (biological senescence or “chrono-ageing”);
  2. extrinsic or environmental factors, which specifically involve the skin due to its external location, as a covering organ. The main effect is attributable to the cumulative alterations produced by sunlight: we therefore talk about photoageing (dermatoeliosis). The phenomenon occurs very differently in various subjects and in different regions of the body.

It is believed that up to 80% of the involutional phenomena that the skin undergoes over time, previously considered as the result of chronological aging, must instead be attributed to solar damage. The two processes coexist, in different proportions and between various individuals, intertwining and overlapping their effects.

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