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Foods for special medical purposes

Foods for special medical purposes are products aimed at the dietetic treatment of people suffering from diseases that result in the impossibility or increased difficulty in using ordinary foods to satisfy their nutritional needs.

PIAM has committed itself to these particular dietary needs through a specialized nutritional line: MEDIFOOD.

Dedicated to the special nutritional needs of children and adults suffering from diseases of the metabolic and digestive systems, Medifood is PIAM’s specialized nutritional line. Medifood includes a range of supplements and foods for special medical purposes formulated for the particular diet therapy needs of children and adults.

Consistent with the company’s mission towards treatments for rare or otherwise less widespread diseases, Medifood deals mainly with congenital metabolic diseases (e.g. phenylketonuria), kidney diseases and those of the gastrointestinal system, developing “original” solutions for formulation, as specific as possible and targeted to the individual illness and the patient, at all stages of their life and at every moment of their day.

Medifood, moreover, is always there to support the patient through a series of targeted actions, which simplify everyday life and make compliance easier by prioritising the quality of the products.

To this end, PIAM has established Quality Objectives, periodically considered and reviewed, which are aimed at:

– finding innovative solutions to improve human health, turning commitments into research for sustainable therapeutic responses;

– complying with ethical standards, laws and regulations;

– guaranteeing the quality of the products and services offered to the scientific community and to patients;

– monitoring the processes, products and services offered, with a view to continuous improvement;

PIAM represents quality first and foremost, above and beyond even its organizational system. Quality is the cultural paradigm of reference for the company’s entire strategic and management choices and is clearly explained in its Values.

Basic ingredients are scrupulously selected by our suppliers to meet all the certifications imposed by the ISO / GMP.

From the various types of SINEAMIN pasta, to milk and snacks, Medifood offers products for consumption that allow patients to have as varied a nutritional experience as possible.

For children in particular, although not exclusively, having food products whose “outward appearance” is perceived as captivating and non-pharmaceutical, helps compliance and reinforces the feeling of not being different from others.

Since these are foodstuffs and, therefore, products indispensable for life, PIAM is committed to ensuring a constant presence in the regions where the products are sold and to minimize waiting times in urgent cases.

Medifood offers a range of foods for special medical purposes indicated for various rare diseases that offer support from birth to adulthood, taking into account the different nutritional requirements of each age group.

The focus on the contribution of nutrients essential for the growth and development of our users provides the basis of our approach and is supported by the advice of dieticians and medical professionals.

Our products have a high safety and efficacy profile confirmed by clinical studies conducted at both a national and international level.