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Publication of data relating to relationships between companies and doctors: Responsible Transparency

As of 30 June, data referring to the previous year will be available on our website relating both to collaborative relationships between PIAM Farmaceutici and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Healthcare Organisations (HCOs), and to Research and Development (R&D).

Absolute transparency with the publication of this data is the choice that pharmaceutical companies have made with full conviction, adopting Farmindustria’s Code on Disclosure, in implementation of the EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) Code.

The long-standing, well-regulated collaboration between drug companies and physicians covers several areas of activity:

  • research and development of new drugs through clinical studies carried out in hospitals, universities and public and private health facilities
  • scientific advice;
  • scientific seminars and conferences, providing information and updates;
  • support for congresses and CME (Continuing Medical Education) courses organised by public structures, universities, scientific societies and CME-accredited providers.

It is precisely the exchange of knowledge between companies and doctors, with their wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, that makes it possible to gather useful information for research and development and, therefore, to have more and more effective drugs available for patients’ health needs.

These relationships, in addition to being governed by national and international regulations, are based on mutual respect of roles, within a transparent framework of Farmindustria’s rules of ethics, which provide for rigorous checks carried out according to precise investigative procedures by third-party bodies, chaired by magistrates appointed by the President of the Italian Supreme Court.

You can access the data – published in full compliance with Italian privacy legislation – on the individual professionals who have signed the consent and, in aggregate form, on all the others.

Model 231
Always attentive to ethical issues and in line with its basic values, PIAM has taken the decision to equip itself with an organizational model that helps it to manage and organize all its activities in a manner which is transparent and aligned with the preconditions outlined by Legislative Decree 231/2001.

This decree establishes that, under certain conditions, a company may face punishment for certain crimes committed by its managers, employees or collaborators; severe pecuniary and interdictory sanctions can be applied to the company which may even lead to the cessation of its activities.

Legislative decree 231 provides that each company can, however, adopt and enforce precise organizational rules aimed at preventing and avoiding the occurrence of the offences in question, thus exempting itself from administrative responsibilities arising from the crimes committed by one of its employees, collaborators or managers: this combination of rules and instruments of control is known as the Model of management, organization and control (referred to as Model 231).

It is therefore extremely important that all recipients know and respect the content of the organizational model. PIAM, through widespread and ongoing training of its staff, ensures that all its corporate bodies, employees, independent collaborators and agents, in carrying out their activities, comply with the rules and regulations established in the organizational model and is constantly active in fostering a culture based on ethics, legality and correctness among its staff.

PIAM, pursuant to art. 6 of this decree, has also established a Supervisory Body, with autonomous powers of initiative and control, charged with the task of monitoring the adequacy, functioning and observance of the model itself.