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Specialized pediatric area

Diet is a fundamental element to provide all the nutrients necessary for the psycho-physical growth of children. Nutrition, in the early stages of life, therefore plays a fundamental role for:

– the health and growth of the individual

– the morphological and functional maturation of organs and systems

– the development of eating habits

– the prevention of chronic-degenerative diseases of adulthood

Nutritional deficits resulting from inappropriate diet can cause incomplete development and sometimes irreversible damage to organs and systems.

It is, thus, important to pay particular attention to the nutritional adequacy of children’s diet, so as to guarantee the necessary nutrient reserves, maintain the body’s functions at optimal levels, and prevent deficits and pathologies with a nutritional component.

PIAM, always attentive to all the needs of the medical profession and patients, is able to offer a range of products designed to focus on the specific nutritional treatment of childhood diseases.