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Pharma & OTX / Nutraceuticals

The beating heart of PIAM’s business is the line dedicated to pharmaceuticals, OTX and nutraceuticals.

Founded in 1915 to market the first effective tuberculosis vaccine, PIAM has evolved over time while remaining true to its core values ​​but always focused on the main health and well-being needs of the medical profession and the wider population.

The DNA of PIAM is founded on clearly identified key values: excellence, competence, continuity and responsibility.

These find practical expression in our constant efforts to offer doctors and patients medicines and products that, through innovation in pharmaceutical techniques and formulations, make them easier to administer and use, thereby improving therapeutic adherence.

To achieve these results, PIAM works on several fronts:

• Focus on therapeutic areas characterized by strong complexity and medical need

• Development of the innovative OTX drug sector

• The creation of a portfolio of nutraceutical products in line with the emerging general need for well-being

Over the years, PIAM has come to specialize in therapeutic areas characterized by high complexity and a strong medical need, such as the cardio-metabolic, neuro-geriatric and respiratory areas, as well as those of cellular oxidation, aesthetic medicine and others.

PIAM is committed to maintaining a constant presence in the treatment of ​​tuberculosis, continuously making available the essential basic treatments for this disease.

Our core business is focused on ethical drugs, i.e. those products aimed at the treatment of pathological conditions for which a specific prescription from a doctor is required.

These drugs are subject to particularly stringent regulations that PIAM follows with the utmost rigour, making every effort to provide medical professionals with products that comply with current national and international guidelines, but which, at the same time, are characterized by innovations in the pharmaceutical and formulation fields that make the use and administration of these products easier.

The pharmaceutical landscape has been undergoing change. In addition to ethical drugs dispensable on prescription and products that are freely available without a prescription (“over-the-counteror OTC drugs) a third category has recently been established, defined internationally as OTX.

OTX drugs are essentially drugs that can be bought without a prescription but which are dispensed on the advice of the patient’s physician who, therefore, plays a very important role in providing the appropriate therapeutic focus and attention to the specific needs of the patient that they know very well.

PIAM is active in this emerging field with various drugs characterized by innovative solutions in terms of formulation and delivery and, therefore, benefit for the patient.

While drugs themselves are used for the treatment of well-defined pathologies, the need to support the daily well-being of the population with products that are able to provide the body with the targeted supply of nutrients that support physiological activity (such as vitamins, minerals and other compounds) has become increasingly established.

PIAM, in line with its values ​​which focus on the wellbeing needs that characterize the modern lifestyle, has chosen to develop and commercialize a complete range of nutraceutical products aimed at supporting the cardiovascular physiological functions and the central nervous system.