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Disorders of blood extravasation

Blood extravasation discolorations are changes in the normal skin colour due to various causes. We must distinguish among:

  • Recent discolorations due to bruising
  • Recent discolorations resulting from post-surgical or instrumental treatments as part of aesthetic medicine;
  • Long-standing discoloration due to the degeneration of ferritin in hemosiderin (hemosiderin dyschromia).

In turn, hemosiderin dyschromia is subdivided into:

  • Post-sclerotherapy hemosiderin dyschromia;
  • Disorders due to chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)

Although they are of little importance from a physiological point of view, due to their significant impact on the patient’s perception of themselves and their psychosocial well-being, a number of treatments, both pharmacological and otherwise, are available, to treat these imperfections.

Always attentive to a holistic view of treatment, PIAM offers innovative solutions to meet patients’ needs.