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World PKU Day and Piam Iberia

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Today, June 28 th 2019, PIAM celebrates the International Phenylketonuria (PKU) day announcing the opening of the new fully owned subsidiary PIAM Iberia with branch office in Madrid.

This important step will provide also in Spain and Portugal PIAM’s innovative Food for Special Medical Purpose portfolio, based on the strategic concepts of quality, incremental innovation and customer focus.
PKU is a rare inherited disorder characterized by the inability to metabolize a specific amino acid, phenylalanine.
Amino acids are the constituent units of proteins and are part of a everyones daily diet.
Individuals affected by PKU should follow a phenylalanine-free diet, in order to avoid the appearance and progression of the symptoms of this disease.
Given the impossibility of excluding a specific amino acid from natural proteins, PKU patients should follow a protein-free diet and integrate it with phenilalanine-free protein substitutes.
The nutritional treatment period should not only affect childhood and adolescence, but, based on phenylalanine levels, it should continue into adulthood.PIAM put itself forward as a one-stop reference point for health care providers, offering an extensive portfolio of pharmaceutical solutions, dietary supplements and medical foods that meets tolerability and efficacy standards.
More than thirty years of experience in managing rare diseases, with a specific focus on medical food and PKU treatment, enable us to relate to the complex problems that relatives, caregivers and doctors have to face throughout the patient’s life.
This awareness translates in the knowledge that treatment compliance plays a fundamental role in the care process and is key in terms of treatment efficacy.
Therefore we are committed in making innovative and technologically advanced products available and we are devoted to the development of increasingly effective, practical and highly palatable protein substitutes with a view to improving treatment compliance.

The next step in our on-going commitment to the PKU community is to expand our expertise and products portfolio, providing the best treatment solutions to people worldwide.

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