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Chronic renal failure

Chronic Renal Failure consists in the progressive and irreversible loss of renal function.

Its main consequence is the continuous reduction of glomerular filtration, which can sometimes result in the complete loss of renal function, a condition which necessitates a substitution treatment represented by dialysis or transplantation.

The possible causes of chronic renal failure are varied. Among these, it is worth mentioning type 1 or 2 diabetes, glomerulonephritis or polycystic kidney.

The functional inability of the kidneys causes a very differentiated symptomatology, which sometimes results in a clearly multi-organ clinical picture.

Although the effects of chronic renal failure are irreversible, an adequate therapeutic approach can contribute to slowing down its nonetheless unstoppable progression.

Alongside pharmacological therapies, a well-balanced dietary approach is of paramount importance; the protein-free products that PIAM is able to offer represent an effective aid to the correct management of such diets.