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“PKU TALKS: THE EXPERT’S VOICE” is the periodical column on Phenylketonuria, created by Piam in collaboration with some of the major international specialists. 

Today an interview with Prof. Andrea Pession, Director U.O.C. Department of Pediatrics S. Orsola Hospital – Malpighi Hospital of Bologna, about the importance of nutrition for Inborn Errors of Metabolism.


What is your opinion on the topic “management of metabolic disease and nutrition”?

Nutrition is a very basic aspect but still with a lot of importance in treatment of metabolic diseases. 

In the metabolic field there are diseases that are essentially treated with diet and the administration or not administration of particular elements. 


Could you focus on the major insight gained in the optimal management of metabolic diseases?

Today we have a lot of tools to study better what does it mean to administer a nutrient in different diseases, so it’s very important today to revisit all the different steps in the choice of a diet in order to discover the relevance of a lot of different aspects.

Today is also important to discuss the importance of the concentration of different amino acids in the liquids and in the brain or the influence that these amino acids could have in change of intestinal microbiome and the impact that this microbiome can have in changing the epigenetic profile of the subject.


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