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Geneva 7-9 May 2019: PIAM participates in Vitafoods Europe, visit us at our booth Q155.

PIAM is an Italian pharmaceutical company that has developed its core business in specialist and ethically significant therapeutic areas with prescription drugs such as neurological geriatric, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastroenterological, vascular – aesthetic medicine, tuberculosis, nephrology. Supported by clinical studies and medical prescription PIAM offer also food supplements to patients suffering from hereditary metabolic diseases as phenylketonuria, homocystinuria, glutaric aciduria, isovaleric acidaemia, methylmalonic acidaemia / propionic acidaemia, maple syrup urine disease, tipe 1 tyrosinaemia, urea cycle disorders, beta-oxidation disorders. Over time PIAM has gained particular expertise in inherited metabolic diseases that led the company to be a leader in this field.
Leadership in the IEMD industry in Italy and its overseas development, as well as in the nootropics market.
Nowadays PIAM export its products abroad to 15 different countries and it’s likely to reach the number of 25 in 2018.
PIAM is currently looking for international partners interested in its products and offers products distribution agreement abroad as well as international business contacts with suppliers for products and food supplements.

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